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3 min readJun 29, 2023

Why Donations?

We at Tez Capital (TzC) are committed to providing great free tools with published source code to the Tezos ecosystem. We also aim to address our long term self-funding ability on Tezos because we want to remove any centralized funding factors from the equation of our survival long term.

We have collectively witnessed many great organizations on Tezos shut down over the years because they lost their major funding source and were not able to ameliorate their income from the Tezos ecosystem and community. This continues to be a systemic issue until everyone on Tezos collectively figures out how to fund and self-perpetuate tools, dapps and services.

While we believe in source available software and on not forcing a usage fee on our users, we would also like to normalize the donation model in the Tezos ecosystem for public goods and similar tools, whose authors and maintainers need to find ways to be compensated by the ecosystem for their work, if it’s useful to the ecosystem.

TezPay has been updated to look at the donate option in the config.hjson file and, if nothing is configured, donate to TzC ever-increasing amounts starting with 0% for 30 days and increasing by 1% every 30 days, until 5% is reached. The donation option transition period starts on June 28, 2023 and version 0.2.0+.

The behavior described above is only in effect if you don’t have the donate option configured. TezPay respects your configured donation amount even if it’s set to 0.

All of our configuration templates currently have the option manually defined, forcing all new users of TezPay to consciously make the decision of whether, how much and to whom they want to donate.

TezPay Default Config

Default config donates 5% to TzC

TezPay Donation Q&A

Q: How can I set TezPay not to donate?

If you choose not to donate, change the donate option to 0 as shown

Q: What happens if I don’t have the donate option configured?

If you don’t have the donate section defined in your configuration file, you will start donating 1% on July 28th, 2023 and donate an additional 1% every following 30 days until the donation amount reaches 5%.

Donate missing from config

Q: How can I donate to additional or different entities?

To donate to additional if different places, set your overall donate % and then specify, out of that (out of 100% of your chosen donation %), how much you’d like to go to each specific recipient.

Below is an example of donating 3% of overall baker income and splitting that as follows:

3% donated, 33.3% of 3% to Ecosystem DAO, 66.7% to TzC

If you want to donate 100% of the amount to The Ecosystem DAO:

3% donated, 100% to Ecosystem DAO

You can add more addresses as needed. All amounts of “donations” that don’t add up to 1 will be donated to TzC.

3% donated, 20% to Ecosystem DAO, 20% to BakeBuddy #1 bakery, 60% to TzC

Additional documentation can be found at https://docs.tez.capital/tezpay

Helpful Links

Tez Capital Website > https://tez.capital
Tez Capital Discord > https://dsc.gg/tzc
Tez Capital Telegram > https://t.me/tezcapital
Tez Capital Documentation > https://docs.tez.capital (find out more about our tools here)



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