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2 min readJun 8, 2023

Collecting tezbake (aka bb-cli) tz addresses and software versions

tezbake analytics

Chicken or the egg?

The Tez Capital team is in the midst of a “Chicken or the egg” problem. We need to have an idea of how many active users we have but we don’t track tezbake downloads and we didn’t track active users with the tezbake baking tool.

We have a rough idea of how many users we have by our interactions in Discord and Telegram. Unfortunately this list gets stale over time and doesn’t include people who don’t use social media.

In order to give the ecosystem an accurate accounting of our user base and to seek additional funding, we have decided to implement an analytics service which collects the baker’s:

  1. Software version
  2. tz address

By helping us with this information, you are directly contributing to the long term well-being of the Tez Capital tools.


Q: When does this go into effect?

A: We start to capture this information with the first Nairobi related tezbake update on June 9, 2023.

Q: When is the data collected?

A: The collection of the data happens upon executing the bb-cli info command.

Q: Do you collect the baker’s IP address?

A: We do not and will not capture the IP address of the baker.

Q: Where is the analytics code?

A: You can find the analytics source code here: https://gitlab.com/groktech/xtz.signer/-/blob/main/src/__xtz/info.lua#L53-59

Q: Do/Can you collect any other information?

A: No.

Q: How will the collected information be used?

A: The information may be shared with Tezos funding bodies during grant seeking process. The information may be used by Tez Capital team members to ensure tezbake users are ready for protocol updates, by contacting known bakers with unsupported versions.

Q: How do I opt out of this information sharing program?

A: We understand some people will be uncomfortable sharing information with the Tez Capital team. We would rather not be able to count our true active user base than to force monitoring on unwilling users of tezbake.

You can disable monitoring by:

  • Running the command below in a bash shell. Adding it to your .bashrc file makes it permanent.
  • Modifying the signer app.hjson file by adding the following under the configuration section

Helpful Links

Tez Capital Website > https://tez.capital
Tez Capital Discord > https://dsc.gg/tzc
Tez Capital Telegram > https://t.me/tezcapital
Tez Capital Documentation > https://docs.tez.capital (find out more about our tools here)



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