Tez Capital Reward Program (#TzCRP) Winner: August 2023

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3 min readSep 1, 2023


Composed by @libertez_baker’s creative mind

In a field dominated by giants, Tezos represents a blockchain with a difference — a decentralized, grassroots effort that thrives on community input. As we continue to grow through iterative development and user engagement, we acknowledge the individual contributors who stand out in this collective endeavor.

🔗 Transaction Complete: Reward to @libertez_baker

For August 2023, we’re pleased to confirm that @libertez_baker has been chosen as this month’s #TzCRP awardee, receiving 50 tez for their contributions.

Known for consistent dedication, @libertez_baker has become an integral part of Tezos, exemplifying the underdog spirit that makes Tezos unique. Well done!

What makes last month extra special is that @libertez_baker injected a proposal called Oxlo (to compete with Oxford and Oslo). This action represents one of the first times when a public Tezos baker injected a proposal prepared by Tez Capital, presenting baker options that naturally dovetail with core dev progress, without taking away core dev resources or attention away from their efforts.


  1. Naming Evolution: As part of our ongoing organizational growth, we have rebranded the Monthly Reward Program to better align with its overarching focus: introducing the Tez Capital Reward Program (#TzCRP).
    When the Reward Program first started, it was called the TezPay Reward Program.
  2. Reward Criteria Update: From this point forward, the community wallet will trigger a #TzCRP reward round whenever it accumulates 50 tez by the first of the month. If this threshold is not met, the accumulated amount will roll over to future rewards.
  3. Community Advocacy: Our Discord channel has seen increasing activity with endorsements and recommendations. If you’re speaking about us on social media, make it official by confirming your advocacy on Discord to become eligible for future rewards.

How to Get Involved

The guidelines for the #TzCRP remain unaltered. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Community Engagement: Actively participate in dialogues, share constructive opinions, and foster community discussion on our platforms.
  • Documentation Contributions: Assist in making our documentation more comprehensive and user-friendly for all participants.
  • Promotion and Advocacy: Utilize your platforms to disseminate valuable information about Tezos and Tez Capital projects. Every share counts.
  • Insightful Feedback: Share your thoughts on how we can further refine and optimize our projects.
  • Technical Contributions: If you possess the skills, your coding expertise can contribute to our open-source initiatives.

Your involvement is central to our growth. We thank you for your contributions and look forward to fostering a collaborative atmosphere conducive to innovation.

Stay Connected

Priority for reward distribution will be given to known bakeries, followed by Kukai.app Twitter integration when available. If these channels are not accessible, we will directly contact the awardees.

The success of Tezos isn’t written by a single entity but by a community that believes in the power of decentralized development. Together, we’re not just coding software; we’re coding the future.

Thank you for being a part of this emerging chapter in blockchain history.

Helpful Links

Tez Capital Website > https://tez.capital
Tez Capital Discord > https://dsc.gg/tzc
Tez Capital Telegram > https://t.me/tezcapital
Tez Capital Documentation > https://docs.tez.capital (find out more about our tools here)



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