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3 min readMay 31, 2023

Attention creative minds on Tezos! 📣

We’re excited to announce a unique opportunity to flex your graphical design muscles! Tez Capital (aka tzc or tezcap) is hosting a Concept Logo Art Competition, and we’re hunting for a standout logo concept for our Tezos brand. This competition isn’t merely about a polished logo but about finding an exceptional concept that embodies our brand’s ethos. The name of the artist who creates our logo concept will forever be enshrined into the history of our organization.

Q: What is Tez Capital?

Tez Capital is a set of Tezos baking tools as well as a community hub. Our core mission is to make Tezos baking and governance participation easier.

We have been building baking tools on Tezos for almost 2 years. Our current set of tools includes:

  • TezBake — aka BakeBuddy: a tool that simplifies setting up and monitoring a baker on commodity hardware, using a Ledger Nano wallet or other hardened signer.
  • TezPay — aka PayBuddy: a tool for public bakers to automatically pay their delegators. TezPay allows for infinite adaptability with an advanced plugin system.
  • TezGov — aka GovBuddy: a tool that allows Tezos bakers to vote on proposals as well as to submit their own. Proposal types include code proposals (meant to change the Tezos protocol) as well as vanity proposals (means to send all Tezos bakers a message).
  • Tez Capital Discord: a chat server which interconnects many Tezos core ecosystem projects, bringing the community together, by utilizing various bridging technologies between Discord and other chat platforms, such as Telegram, Matrix, and other Discord servers.

By lowering technical barriers and by introducing novel ways for motivated bakers to interact with their delegators, we aim to keep the playing field level on Tezos with as wellspring of fresh energy.

Logo Competition Details

Concept: For example, 3 buildings standing next to each other or 1 building with 3 parts, in the shape of the letters TzC or tzc.

Something along the lines of the picture below but with the TzC/tzc building shape

tezcap logo concept

The above is just a sample concept, you can use any creative idea that in your opinion represents the spirit of Tez Capital best. There are no restrictions of submitted content as long as it is not NSFW. Even a photo of a hand drawn concept on a napkin works.

Prize: The winner will be awarded a prize of 300 tez ($XTZ). The prize will be paid 14 days after winning the competition to allow for due diligence to ensure the originality of the submission. Only original works created by the competition participants will be accepted.

Submission: Submit your logo concepts to the #logo-competition channel in the Tez Capital Discord server (https://dsc.gg/tzc). We will pin your submission to the channel.

Duration: Submissions are open until June 23, 2023. Once submissions close, the Tez Capital team will take 14 additional days (as previously mentioned) to decide on winner and to make sure the submission is original in nature.

Usage Rights: By winning this competition, you are granting us full rights to use your submitted concept in any way we deem appropriate. Please note that this right applies exclusively to the competition winner’s concept. Attribution will be given to the winner.

Prize Adjustment Clause: We reserve the right to reduce the prize to 100 tez if we decide not to implement the winning concept. We hope this will encourage truly innovative and creative designs.

We are eager to see your unique interpretation of the tez.capital brand! We are also happy to discuss your thoughts about this. You can connect with us using the links below to submit your concept or to give us your feedback.

Helpful Links

Tez Capital Website > https://tez.capital
Tez Capital Discord > https://dsc.gg/tzc
Tez Capital Telegram > https://t.me/tezcapital
Tez Capital Documentation > https://docs.tez.capital (find out more about our tools here)



Tez Capital

Tez Capital (TzC/tezcap) is a collaborative project by Berry Studio and GrokTech