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2 min readMay 6, 2022


BakeBuddy is a tool which makes Tezos baking much more easy for a novice user by eliminating confusing commands and configuration options while still having them available “in the background” for the more advanced user.

Software provided by the Tezos core developers is taken and used by BakeBuddy to setup automatic system services for all necessary baking functions. The bb-cli tool (which is the engine of BakeBuddy) provides many useful informational displays which contain the current state of the baker, versions of the Tezos software used, Ledger Nano S status as well as the full logs generated by the Tezos software for easy troubleshooting and error reporting. Upgrades are performed with just one command or at the touch of a button and are only approved for BakeBuddy users after we test their stability and function by updating our own testnet and mainnet bakers. The development team of BakeBuddy believe in supporting the ecosystem fully by being involved with public baking.

We’ve been developing the BakeBuddy software since the Granada protocol and have managed to achieve a solid foundation now during the Ithaca protocol after around 10 bakers successfully upgraded from Hangzhou to Ithaca.

Whether you want to bake Tezos on mainnet or on testnet, BakeBuddy supports you with great tools, documentation and personal attention by the BakeBuddy Discord and Telegram community that’s very friendly and engaged. We are only as strong as our own individual efforts combined.



Graphical tool running in your browser
Test based tool (bb-cli)



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